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by posted 10/13/2021

Hi all,


I hope everyone is having a great week.  I’d like to thank everyone in getting the boys to Farmington for the games in good time, I know it’s a long drive so It’s much appreciated.


The boys had a good weekend of play and overall I am very pleased with the progress thus far.  Some of the passing and decision making  this weekend was superb and great to see.

This Sunday we are in Long Island so it will be around an hours drive.


Please let us know your son’s availability as soon as possible.





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Reminder no Training Today
by posted 10/11/2021

No Training today Enjoy the day off!!

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by posted 10/04/2021

Hi all

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone for the lovely Diaper cake and card. It is much appreciated and means a lot.  I’m sure Kristen will enjoy a glass of bubbly once the little one arrives. I am really looking forward to being a Dad!


The boys have had a good couple of weeks in training. They really have trained very well from the start.  The game in Brooklyn was a good confidence boost for them and nice to see them get some reward from their good work in training. The game was played on a huge field, and it did help our boys find pockets of space to pass through the opposition, something we have worked on a lot. The boys dominated the game from start to finish and had some great finishes on the goal too.


This past Saturday’s game was a very close game. The opposition were very athletic, quick and some good players.  The boys found it tough physically at times and in the good moments of buildup play even our quickest players found it tough to run away from any of the opponents’ defenders.  As I’ve mentioned before the maturity levels in boys at this age can vary greatly and was evident on the weekend that the opposition had several physically more mature boys playing which can be tough to compete with. However, I felt the boys at times had some good periods of play, but they can still display little moments of naivety when defending. Something we will continue working on with them.


Overall I am happy with the boys so far. We knew going into this league it would be a huge jump in level. In all round game play the boys have shown they can compete. The goals we have conceded have been very poor but not really through being dominated, mostly due to individual errors, lack of cohesion within brand new teammates. Etc.  I am enjoying seeing them compete and play games above their current level. They are learning to be more streetwise and play more aggressively when needed.  I am confident if they continue to work as hard as they have so far we will see some growth by the end of the season. “Iron Sharpens Iron”


We have another 3 very tough games this weekend in Farmington. We will have the schedule by tomorrow. Plan on 2 Games Saturday 1 on Sunday.  Please let Kelly and Mike know your son’s availability ASAP

Thanks again for your support.


See everyone In Farmington.





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