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by posted 10/13/2021

Hi all,


I hope everyone is having a great week.  I’d like to thank everyone in getting the boys to Farmington for the games in good time, I know it’s a long drive so It’s much appreciated.

That being said we did have several players miss game 2 and 3. I know the boys have busy lives, but I wasn’t aware several of the boys had to attend a Bar mitzva till after the game. I have no problem with players being unavailable for family or religious events but I need to know in plenty of time so we can arrange cover.


On Saturday the boys were fantastic. Beachside are a quality team but our boys played some beautiful soccer and showed they can play at a high level when everyone is in attendance. Game 2 was also a physically tough match but again the boys showed good resilience in getting the win. Those two wins meant the boys finished top in the bracket and I will have the medals for them tonight.


Sundays game did not count as a tourney game. Originally a team dropped out so the organizers had us up against our own CP Atalanta state team. I asked them to change this as I wanted the boys to have a proper challenging game if we must drive and play at 8am.  As it turned out with so many players missing, such an early kick off it was a very tough game. FSAs top team were very good however I believe if we had everyone available with a later kick off time we could have made a game of it.


Overall, the boys have shown this season that we have a talented group and can play and win at this level.  This Sunday we have an 8 am kick off in Long Island. I have tried to move the game later but unfortunately they can’t accommodate.

We need a full complement of players so please advise if your son can play or not ASAP.


Thanks for your continued support.






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Training Friday 6pm to 715pm CP
by posted 10/07/2021


Hi everyone, the boys will train tomorrow  at 6pm  to 715pm IN CP

No Greenwich Catholic option tomorrow.





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by posted 10/05/2021

Hi all


Hope everyone is doing well.


Saturday was another tough game for the boys versus probably the best team in the league. This team are NY state champs Region 1 champs and finished 4th at the national tournament. So it was great to see our boys compete with a team of that level. Second half in particular the boys played some good stuff and competed on and off the ball much better than first half.


So far, the boys have won the first league game comfortably then dominated the next 2 games in game play but were lacking a little bit in the final third along with some individual errors on the defensive side. Saturday’s match was the first game I thought the opposition was on a level above our group.  Overall im pleased with most of the all-round play. It’s a brand-new team together only 4 weeks so I am encouraged with the start they have made.

Cohesion, nonverbal communication relationship building takes time and I’m confident with training, positive attitudes and patience we will see  growth as indiviudals and as group.


Remember we chose this regional league to really challenge the boys. It is a very big jump in level for some and not so much for others but collectively the group will get better playing V better stronger opponents.  We could play in the local state league and likely win every match comfortably but that’s not going to help the boys long term be prepared for higschool/college. “Iron sharpens Iron”


This weekend we have tough games at the tournament in Farmington. The schedule should be with us some time today. Please make every effort to be there and let myself or Mireya know if your son is unavailable.


Thanks everyone for your support


See you at the weekend



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Mireya Farias 
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